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Don't Get Blindsided: AI Saves the Day for Crumbling Pavement (and Your Budget)

AI-Driven Pavement Defect Detection

Have you ever driven through a parking lot that went from smooth sailing to a pothole obstacle course seemingly overnight? Believe it or not, climate change is one of the major factors behind this frustrating infrastructure issue.

Here's the deal: in moderate climates, well-maintained pavement could last 20 years. But thanks to fluctuating temperatures caused by climate change, that lifespan is dropping dramatically to 10-12 years! Imagine the impact on facilities and property managers who rely on predictable capital improvement cycles! More frequent repairs wreak havoc on budgets and planning, not to mention contributing to CO2 emissions during major maintenance or rehabilitation projects.

But there's a ray of hope! Enter SITE Technologies and its AI-Powered Pavement Analysis platform that is tackling this problem head-on by creating a standardized pavement degradation grading system that is the driving factor behind our Pavement Condition Index scores. This system considers your specific climate zone and provides crucial insights that determine;

  • The current health of your pavement 

  • How it will degrade over time based on climate and geomorphology data

  • Suggest a relatively low-cost and/or green preventive maintenance strategy at early pavement life that potentially delays or eliminates the need for much costly rehabilitation treatments

  • The estimated cost of repairs over the next 3 to 5 years

This information is like a crystal ball for facilities managers as they can now budget effectively, knowing exactly when to address pavement issues before they snowball into expensive nightmares.

And that's not all! SITE is committed to fighting climate change too and are performing research and closely working on eco-friendly pavement preservation and maintenance solutions such as Replay, Liquid Road etc. into our recommended repair plans. This preventive maintenance preserves the asphalt surface with protective film over your pavement, essentially buying you 3 to 4 additional years without resorting to carbon-heavy rehabilitation or reconstruction of pavement structure.

The bottom line: climate change is a reality, but it doesn't have to mean crumbling roads and out-of-control budgets. By embracing AI technology and eco-friendly solutions, we can keep our infrastructure strong and sustainable for the future.

About SITE

SITE is an innovative asset management and data analytics company whose team of experts develop best-in-class technology solutions by utilizing proprietary AI modeling. The SITE platform delivers proactive, predictable, and actionable data that will extend the lifespan of your assets and reduce the reliance on cumbersome "boots on the ground" assessments. SITE's current customers include the world's top commercial and industrial property owners.

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