• Janelle Rabine

Prologis Partners with SITE to Complete 750+ Assessments in 45 Days

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

SITE's speed and abilities were tested this year with a request from one of SITE's most valued partners, Prologis. Prologis asked if SITE could assess over 750 of their properties across the country and map each of them out on the platform. The SITE team accepted the challenge with confidence and determination.

Within 45 days, the SITE team scoped 150 million square feet of pavements in Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, San Fransisco and Nashville. With the help of technology automation, ten SITE team members including experts in concrete and asphalt provided pavement assessments that included condition reports and 10 year capital maintenance plans. The team also captured data and imagery on roofs and facades for each of the properties.

Now, the Prologis team has access to view high definition aerial maps of their properties. On the SITE platform, they are able to zoom in and out of each property too see where their properties need maintenance so they can keep their partners satisfied with well-maintained properties and accurate data. The Prologis team is now able to run reports on their assets to make the best possible decisions on maintenance and re-construction.

The Prologis team that is managing the 750+ properties are all able to communicate better by seeing budgets in one spot with data on where their priorities should be and why. They can address concerns before they become safety risks with a never before seen amount of data at their fingertips.

SITE is extremely grateful for the opportunity to partner with a world-class partner such as Prologis and looks forward to continue to build a relationship through transparency, technology, and teamwork.

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