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Scott Haislip Joins the Team

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

SITE is excited to welcome Scott Haislip to the team! Scott is our very first Board Member. We pride ourselves in having the best minds in property assessing and consulting. For each of the categories we develop maps for (including parking lots, roofs, facades, and HVAC), we have experts who know each inside and out. From optimal material mixes to construction, Scott Haislip is that guy for all things concrete.

Scott Haislip joins the SITE technologies team as our very first board member.
Scott Haislip joins the SITE team

Scott has over 35 years of technical and engineering experience, focusing on the design and construction of concrete pavements and floors. His background in concrete mix design evaluations for pavements makes him an extremely valuable asset for the clients of SITE. Scott is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world of concrete design, restoration, construction and optimization.

Concrete pavements have many applications which include concrete overlays, roller compacted concrete, pervious concrete, pavements for high traffic industrial facilities, loading docks and more. We are confident that with Scott in our corner, we will be servicing our customer's concrete needs better than anyone else in the industry.

Scott has held positions such as VP of Engineering at various national design and construction companies, Director of Streets & Roads for the American Concrete Pavement Association, Senior Director for National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Technical Services Engineer for Lafarge Corporation, and Principal Engineer for the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Scott is member of the American Concrete Institute, the American Society of Concrete Contractors Paving Committee, and the American Concrete Pavements Association. He serves on many committees within these organizations. Scott has been asked to speak at many conferences. He spoke at the 2019 World of Concrete Expo where 150 attendees learned about Design and Construction of Industrial Parking Facilities.

We are grateful that Scott sees the great value of SITE and has come decided to be our first Board Member. We will continue to provide the best for our clients by having the most knowledgeable team members and the most advanced technology.

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