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Using various data capture tools and proprietary machine learning technology, we have made site assessments, budgeting and reporting, faster, more affordable, more accurate and most importantly, more actionable.

Data Capture

Leveraging innovative technologies and industry expertise, our average cost and turnaround time is less than 50% of the industry average.


Our intuitive cloud based platform allows companies to manage their property maintenance and repairs in one place.


Our subject matter experts and AI technology assesses each property and determines the most likely scenarios for the lifecycle as well as best options for maintenance.


The SITE platform includes interactive budgeting tools to optimize spend and make repairs at the most advantageous time.


See snapshots of your costs, property conditions, maintenance and future services with comprehensive and adjustable reporting.

Industries We Serve

SITE provides comprehensive property assessments to hundreds of clients nationwide. From clients with one facility to thousands of properties, SITE has the solution for you.
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Total Property Assessment

Our bundle rates help our clients save even more significantly on the cost of each assessment. We offer our services to many types of properties including pavements, roofing, facades, landscaping, and more.


Assessment Options

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Full Assessment 

Option 2

PCI Assessment


PCI Analysis

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5 Year Interactive Budget

Digital Repair Map

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Comprehensive Analysis

We assess your sites annually to help you pro-actively maintain and budget pavement maintenance and repairs.

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We assess your sites PCI (Property Condition Index) to help you maintain and budget your pavement maintenance and repairs.

Total Portfolio Management

Our interactive tools allow you to review each site, defect and proposed repair, set annual budgets, prioritize repairs and report on customized outputs all on one platform.

Total Portfolio Overview

Allows you to see your budget across your entire portfolio, filter by region, property type, property manager or any customized filters.

Predictive Budgeting

Allows you to budget all  maintenance and capital expenditures from 1- 5 years for complete control and transparency of your properties.

Our Story

We are changing the industry.


SITE began as a pavement assessment service within a national paving company. The team realized that a lot of their time was spent on simply trying to understand property conditions to provide insights to their clients.  The team’s millennials started to ask “with today’s technology and crowd sourcing markets, why can't we get fast information on our customers' properties?”  Even more so, “why are we still delivering reports through PDF files when we could build an online database to capture and store information to provide dynamic updates, historical tracking, and reporting?!”


From these millennial frustrations of not being able to get information when they want it, SITE was born.  We set out to create a product that provides our customers with not only an easy view of their property but an easy way to analyze any of their portfolio or property maintenance items.  This allows them to make fast, informed decisions.  Our product is completely customizable for each customer’s needs.


Our mission is to provide property owners and managers, the experience of virtually walking their properties, and allowing them to view simple analytics, from anywhere in the world.  


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