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User Friendly Reporting

The SITE platform allows you and your team to develop reports surrounding the data collected including property conditions, safety, and future spend reports. The comprehensive tools allows you to export information for your partners and share links with your team. 

Budgeting Solutions

Not only does our platform allow for short and long term budgeting, we ensure you have all the information you need in order to budget correctly. Our team of industry specific experts assess pavements, roofs and more so that your team can be better prepared. We dig into the data unlike anyone else and it allows you to focus on what is important to your company. 

Historical & Current Data

The innovative platform can be customized to display what is important to your team. Sometimes that is historical data as well as current conditions. We help you see everything that you need with the click of a button. 

Drone Technology

Drones have changed the way we capture data. They are fast, easy to operate and can be set up to automatically fly in a pattern that optimizes our data captures. In addition to clear imagery, they can capture thermal information, GIS data points, and much more. Our network of pilots allows us to drone across the US.

Data Analysis

Data capture means little if we can't organize and analyze it in a way that is meaningful for your team. Our program organizes the data into an easy to understand platform and maps out your property. We can also upload data that was captured previous to our onboarding. 

Beyond the Data

More data can be discovered after the data capture. For example, taking measurements of distances on your property or adding data around the data analysis such as conditions of pavement. All this can be added to your platform.



We are using data and the expertise of our team to build a database of images with tags of the issues or potential issues that may arise. Using this database and a set of rules, we are building algorithms to one day detect issues before our experts even look at the data. This will help increase our accuracy and efficiency. 

Experts Behind the Learning

Our team is consistently analyzing thousands of pictures per week. Our pavement, roofing, utilities, landscaping and facade experts are the people behind the scenes slowly building a playbook for artificial intelligence to learn from. We hire and partner with these experts and engineers to ensure we are giving our customers accurate feedback and assessments. 

Future of AI

We believe that in the near future we will be faster and better at detecting issues through a combination of experts and AI. 


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