SITE is a data analytics company that allows our clients to have reliable information on their assets in real time. Through our platform, our assessment experts, and drone technology, we present comprehensive data that saves our customers time and money. 

Built on a strong foundation.

SITE sprouted from Rabine Group, a national construction company, to provide better data to their customers. Rabine Group has over 35 years of experience serving the facilities industry. SITE began as a pavement assessment service but it became much bigger. The team was realizing that a lot of their time was spent on simply trying to understand property conditions to provide insights to their clients. 


A group of millennials at Rabine Group started to develop an online database to capture and store information that provided dynamic updates, historical tracking, and reporting. From the millennial frustrations of not being able to get information when they want it, SITE was born.  


We set out to create a product that provides our customers with not only an easy view of their property but an easy way to analyze any of their portfolio or property maintenance items.  This allows them to make fast, informed decisions.  Our product is completely customizable for each customer’s needs.


Our mission is to provide property managers, utilities and municipalities the experience of virtually walking their properties, and allowing them to view simple analytics, from anywhere in the world.  

Leadership Team

Austin Rabine

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Dan Duffy
Chief Executive Officer

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Jake Cocagne
Product Manager

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SITE seeks out the best and brightest minds in the industry. We value hard work, respect for others, and the desire to continue learning. Our team is comprised of engineers, admins, developers, technology experts, assessors, drone pilots, sales, customer service representatives and much more.


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