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World’s Largest Industrial Property Owner And Manager Reduces Pavement RFP Project Time by 85%

The global leader in commercial property management reported spending over 175 minutes to complete an individual pavement bid due to on-site visits, internal process to create the project budget, bid reviews and the back and forth with the contractors. To create standardization and ultimately reduce the time spent on the bidding process, they turned to SITE Technologies for help. First, SITE helped them standardize their pavement management program by completing individual assessments on over 3,500 locations in a matter of months with the help of AI powered PCI ratings and recommended repair plans. This allowed them to streamline proper allocation of CapEx funds for their pavement improvement projects. Then they were able to take SITE’s repair plans and create budgets, generate bids and manage the entire contractor process all in the SITE platform. They saw an added benefit by also being able to utilize SITE as a repository for all as built documentation, creating easy access to historical records of the completed work. Compared to the traditional “boots on the ground” methodology, SITEʼs platform reduced their bidding process by 85% and has saved each property manager almost 60 hours!

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About SITE

SITE Technologies is an innovative asset management and data analytics company whose team of experts develop best-in-class technology solutions by utilizing imagery to offer our clients’ proactive, predictive, actionable data designed to extend the lifespan of their properties and save time and money. Headquartered in Chicago, SITE Technologies serves a diverse range of industries, including retail and industrial real estate, construction, infrastructure management, and more. 


Sqft captured and 



Faster assessments


Reduction in cost 

compared to boots-on-the-ground


Reduction in CapEx


Proprietary AI/ML


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