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Austin Rabine Returns as CEO to Propel SITE Technologies into Next Era of Growth

Updated: Jul 11

SITE Technologies Welcomes Back Austin Rabine

SITE Technologies is excited to announce that Austin Rabine, the company’s Co-founder and original CEO, is returning to lead the company as it enters a new phase of product development and significant growth. This leadership change follows a record-breaking year of sales.

Austin Rabine, SITE's startup CEO during its foundational years, brings extensive experience and a deep passion for integrating groundbreaking technology into traditional industries such as real estate and construction. His vision and leadership were crucial in establishing SITE as a market disruptor with its AI-driven approach to asset management and property analytics.

"We are thrilled to welcome Austin back as CEO of SITE Technologies," said Steve Campbell, SITE Board member. "Austin’s entrepreneurial spirit and deep understanding of the industry’s challenges and opportunities make him ideally suited to lead SITE through its next chapter of innovation and growth."

SITE Technologies has consistently transformed asset management by automating CapEx planning, utilizing visual data analytics, and delivering actionable insights worldwide to property owners and asset managers. The company’s proprietary technology enables rapid data acquisition and precise detection of asset degradation, empowering clients to make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently.

"I am honored to return to SITE at such a pivotal time," remarked Austin Rabine. "Our commitment to revolutionizing property and asset management remains steadfast. With our dedicated team and innovative technology, we will continue to solve our customers' largest challenges, drive value, and redefine industry standards. I couldn’t be more excited to work with our talented team at SITE."

SITE Technologies was incubated within the Rabine Group of companies in 2017 by co-founders Gary and Austin Rabine to help large facility leaders manage repair and maintenance costs better and faster. Leveraging world-class engineering and AI/ML technology expertise, SITE Technologies has experienced staggering growth, solving previously unmet challenges for some of the largest retail and distribution building owners globally.

Before SITE’s innovation, facility owners and managers assessed their buildings, parking lots, and roofs with boots-on-the-ground inspections. Six years ago, SITE became a standalone business, and this year, it will help partners assess and manage more than 7 billion square feet of facilities globally. Alongside significant safety and environmental improvements, SITE continues to deliver on the goal of providing quicker, data driven, and more cost-effective solutions.

The leadership transition also includes the appointment of Dan Duffy as President Emeritus and Senior Advisor, recognizing his invaluable contributions as CEO over the past three years. Under his stewardship, SITE achieved remarkable growth and solidified its position as a leader in the property technology sector.

About SITE

SITE is an innovative asset management and data analytics company whose team of experts develop best-in-class technology solutions by utilizing proprietary AI modeling. The SITE platform delivers proactive, predictable, and actionable data that will extend the lifespan of your assets and reduce the reliance on cumbersome "boots on the ground" assessments. SITE's current customers include the world's top commercial and industrial property owners.

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