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Stop Guessing, Start Knowing

Updated: May 16

How SITE Uses AI to Help Facilities Managers Make Smarter Decisions

Imagine a world where facilities assessments are objective, consistent, and affordable. This is the reality offered by SITE, a revolutionary tool that empowers facility managers to move from subjective guesswork to data-driven decision making.

From Subjective to Objective: Consistent Assessments Every Time

Jeff DeLoach, Sr. Program Manager at Walmart (retired), highlights a major pain point: relying on consultants for "boots on the ground" assessments. These subjective methods often led to wildly varying results, with different inspectors delivering different evaluations based on factors like effort and experience. “I saw a 36 point difference from 5 inspectors assessing the exact same section of pavement,” Jeff

SITE eliminates this subjectivity by providing a standardized approach to delivering an overall facility condition analysis as well as Pavement and Roof Condition Index (PCI and RCI), ensuring consistent and reliable assessments every time.

From Expensive to Scalable: A Cost-Effective Way to "Memorialize" Assets

Traditionally, facilities were evaluated every few years. With SITE, evaluations become an annual process, allowing for a much clearer picture of a facility's degradation over time. This wealth of data, along with captured images, allows for informed decisions about repairs and maintenance.

Furthermore, SITE's digital record-keeping "memorializes" the initial condition of assets, creating a valuable resource for warranty enforcement. No more "he said, she said" arguments - with documented evidence, holding contractors accountable becomes the standard.

And let's not forget the cost savings. DeLoach reports a staggering 70% cost advantage over traditional methods. Consultant fees, travel expenses, and lost time are all significantly reduced with SITE's efficient approach.

From Reactive to Data-Driven: Optimizing CapEx Allocation

Historically, CapEx allocation for facilities maintenance was often a guessing game. Resources were directed based on either pre-determined plans or reactionary responses to urgent requests.

SITE empowers a data-driven approach. By leveraging real-time data on facility condition, facility managers can make informed decisions about where to invest their resources. This eliminates the "squeaky wheel" effect, ensuring capital is directed towards areas with the greatest need.

In conclusion, SITE represents a paradigm shift in facilities maintenance. By providing objective, consistent, and affordable assessments, it empowers facility managers to move from guesswork to data-driven decision making, ultimately leading to cost savings and a more efficient and effective maintenance process.

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